Roasted & salted almonds

California valleys are the legendary birthplace of the world’s best almonds. Lots of sun and water from the surrounding mountains make them perfect.


Roasted almonds, salt.

Country of Origin

USA (California) 

Nutritional Facts

618 kcal / 2586 kJ, proteins – 4g, total fat – 49g (of which saturated fat – 4g), total carbohydrates – 21g (sugars – 4g).

Legendary taste and health benefits 

Most of the almond orchards are located in California valleys. This is the best place in the world due to optimal natural conditions for almond cultivation: enough sunny days and plenty of water from the surrounding mountains.

The latest processing technology, mild salting and dry roasting add to the incredible result of high-quality almonds that will delight even the most demanding gourmet. 

A special three-layer package perfectly complements the product and keeps it fresh and full of flavour for a long time.

Roasted & salted almonds



Soft and noble colours underline the premium quality of the product


Metallised three-layer packaging with a matte finish keeps the product fresh and full-flavoured.


Compact size makes it light and portable — an ideal option for a quick snack.


With a special window for attachable equipment, products can be placed even in limited shopping space.

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