Harmony Mix

Harmony Blend is a truly harmonious combination of sweet and salty tastes in one package.


Roasted salted peanuts (50%), Jumbo Flame raisins (30%), roasted almonds (20%), salt.

Country of Origin


Nutritional Facts

510 kcal / 2127 kJ, proteins – 19.4 g, fats – 34g (saturated fat – 4.5 g), total carbohydrates – 35g (sugars – 20.5 g).

Harmony of tastes and health benefits  

Harmony Mix is a truly harmonious combination of sweet and salty tastes.  

We thoroughly mixed two types of nuts and giant Jumbo raisins and regulated the proportions to get the best-balanced taste.

And we were right — not only does it taste delicious, but it is also very useful. Lots of glucose, fructose, natural antioxidants and micronutrients make a perfect energy boost for our brain and immunity.


Harmony Mix


Universal form

Our pack can stand, lay or hang because of Euroslot

Visualle pleasing label

Unique colours for every group of goods are combined in a wonderful colour palette to engage the customers attention.

Natural product

Fresh, fleshy, flavour, and most significantly — whole product.

Functional ZIP-lock

Multiple use availability.

Wide window

Product demonstration outlines the quality.

Eco kraft-paper

Making possible long-term storage. The product is protected from shrinking, overwatering, dirt and other ravages.

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