Fruit & Nuts Mix №5

A unique combo of selected Jambo Flame raisins, whole cashews, almonds, pecans and a super tasty pineapple that retains a maximum of vitamins and useful trace elements!


Jumbo Flame raisins (30%), dried cashews (25%), dried almonds (25%), dried pecans (10%), dried pineapple (10%).

Country of Origin


Nutritional Facts

492 kcal / 2061 kJ, proteins – 11.2 g, fats – 33.9 g (of which saturated fat – 3.6 g), total carbohydrates – 38.9 g (sugars – 29.5 g).

Extraordinary taste and health benefits 

Healthy Selection is a series of unique blends with great attention paid to the quality of ingredients, their combination and the balance of the entire mix.

But there is more. We have worked very hard on the quality of the packaging itself, as it plays an important role in preserving the taste and flavour of our products.

That’s why we have opted for a premium three-layer metalised material with high barrier properties, protection against UV and all external influences.

Such packaging is perhaps the best for Healthy Selection No. 5, as it contains a natural pineapple without sugar, flavourings or other impurities. Serious protection allows us to preserve and transmit its natural rich taste and flavour.

Pineapple also retains all the benefits, as it is dried using the latest technology the same as for a peach or wild cherry.  

Fruit & Nuts Mix №5



Matt surface combines with advanced printing techniques to create a bright, three-dimensional picture you will want to touch.


Stable form and additional solution for attachable equipment make the packaging versatile. Depending on the size of a point of sale, it can stand, lie or hang.


Premium three-layer metalised packaging retains freshness and flavour for a long time.


Special Zip-Lock system allows for multiple uses and makes storage safe and convenient.


Rounded shape removes the risk of accidental cuts, increases the functionality of packaging and perfectly complements the design aesthetics.

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