Tiger cashews

Tiger cashews are the most delicate and one of the world’s healthiest nuts. They have nothing in common with tigers, except that they are just as beautiful and unusual. Their feature is the unique processing and cooking technology that creates an unforgettable taste.


Roasted cashews with peel (99.9%), salt.

Country of Origin


Nutritional Facts

599 kcal / 2486 kJd, proteins – 18.8 g, fats – 47g (of which saturated fats – 9.2 g), total carbohydrates – 23.1 g (sugars – 7.7 g).

Unique taste and health benefits 

Cashews have long earned a great reputation and are a favourite nut of millions of people around the world. Tiger cashews are particularly delicious because of their unique processing and cooking technology. 

It creates a light, sour-creamy and very delicate aftertaste that is difficult to compare with the well-known classic cashew taste.

Tiger cashew appearance is also unusual. Bizarre dark spots and stripes on the peel resemble a tiger or a leopard.

However, cashews are definitely not aggressive and will gladly keep you company while watching a film or during a long trip out of town.

Tiger cashews



Glossy surface combines with advanced printing techniques to create a bright, three-dimensional picture you will want to touch.


Stable form and additional solution for attachable equipment make the packaging versatile. Depending on the size of a point of sale, it can stand, lie or hang.


Premium three-layer metalised packaging retains freshness and flavour for a long time.


Special Zip-Lock system allows for multiple uses and makes storage safe and convenient.


Rounded shape removes the risk of accidental cuts, increases the functionality of packaging and perfectly complements the design aesthetics.

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