Sesame is a plant whose seeds have long been used as a spice and grown for their healthy oil.


Sesame seeds (100%).

Country of Origin


Nutritional Facts

637 kcal / 2645 kJ, proteins – 24g, total fat – 53g (of which saturated fat – 8g), total carbohydrates – 15g (sugars – 2g).

Unmatched aroma and health benefits

Sesame is a valuable and nutritious foodstuff. Its seeds contain up to 60% healthy oil, a number of vitamins and minerals.

Sesame has been cultivated since ancient times; it is frequently mentioned in written records of ancient Babylon or texts of the Greek philosopher Herodotus. 

In the East, sesame is believed to prolong life. It may be a reason why sesame seeds and oil are widely used in local cooking. Or they are popular because of their distinctive nutty flavour.

In Japan, sesame seeds are sprinkled on sushi and added to salads; in China, sesame seeds are used as a coating of sesame balls; in India, they are a well-known ingredient for sweet dishes.

Sesame is a very popular foodstuff. It is also very useful due to the oil content that normalises the metabolism. The high levels of various acids and vitamin E are a true symbiosis of the elixir of youth!




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