Roasted cashews

Cashews are unique nuts with a delicate, creamy taste.


Roasted cashews 100%.

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Nutritional Facts

599 kcal / 2486 kJ, protein – 18.8 g, total fat – 47g (of which saturated fat – 9.2 g), total carbohydrates – 23.1 g (sugars – 7.7 g).

Delicate taste and health benefits

Cashews stand out from the variety of nuts for their unusual comma shape. However, that is not exactly what cashews are known for. 

They mainly differ from most plant foods in containing a large amount of phosphorus. Cashews can fully replace fish for those choosing vegetarianism or keeping fast.

You only need to eat up to 50g of these delicate nuts every day to get a daily dose of phosphorus.

Another significant advantage of cashews is the low level of allergenic potency compared to other nuts.

Roasted cashews


Universal form

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Visualle pleasing label

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Natural product

Fresh, fleshy, flavour, and most significantly — whole product.

Functional ZIP-lock

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Wide window

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Eco kraft-paper

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