It is one of the oldest dried fruits that is even mentioned in the Bible. Adam and Eve made their first clothes out of fig leaves. 


Dried fig (100%).

Country of Origin


Nutritional Facts

249 kcal / 1043 kJ, proteins – 3.3 g, total fat – 0.9 g (of which saturated fat – 0.1 g), total carbohydrates – 63.9 g (sugars – 47.9 g).

Delicate taste and health benefits 

Figs are one of the oldest dried fruits known to mankind. Many written references have survived to this day and can even be found in the Bible.

For our line, we choose sun-dried figs, dried as they were hundreds of years ago.

It is a very effort- and time-consuming process. However, this makes them tastier and much healthier than regular pressed figs from ovens, where it takes only a few hours to dry them under high temperatures.

Such fast drying destroys all the useful properties figs have, foremost for heart and blood vessels due to the large stock of potassium and ficine. 

Dried fig


Universal form

Our pack can stand, lay or hang because of Euroslot

Visualle pleasing label

Unique colours for every group of goods are combined in a wonderful colour palette to engage the customers attention.

Natural product

Fresh, fleshy, flavour, and most significantly — whole product.

Functional ZIP-lock

Multiple use availability.

Wide window

Product demonstration outlines the quality.

Eco kraft-paper

Making possible long-term storage. The product is protected from shrinking, overwatering, dirt and other ravages.

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